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Demo Audio, Video, Entry and Exit USHERS

Please demo our USHERS! We have several USHERS to choose from. All of the USHERS are fully customizable in color, content, options, and location. If you encounter any issues with our demos, please contact the sales department.

You will need to: Enable popups for this site and have Adobe Flash installed to demo any USHER!
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Main Options:

Video Usher

Adding the sense of sight along with the sense of sound truly embraces the way people buy products and services on a daily basis. The video usher provides an internet business owner the ability to engage their customers senses to improve sales and conversions. The video usher is the top usher in improving the overall effectiveness of a website. LEARN MORE

Audio Usher

One of the most important things to do when presenting to people is to enable them to use their senses. Humans buy things through their emotions, and listening is an important sense that people need to use to help them make decisions. The audio usher was created to help invoke and engage a human's listening abilities. LEARN MORE

Interactive Usher

The Interactive USHER has an element that no other USHER has, it retrieves information from your users.Whether survey, search box, lead form, email subscription, or anything else you can imagine. The Interactive USHER is designed to capture lead, subscribers, and information for you! In addition, if you chose to buy a Video USHER, we could add an interactive USHER with it upon request. LEARN MORE

Graphical Usher

The graphical USHER is an USHER designed to impress. Wow your users with offers, promotions, coupons, graphics, or anything else can imagine with the Graphical USHER. LEARN MORE

Hybrid Ushers

The hybrid ushers were created out of the mixing of the previous ushers. Hybrid is a word that is used daily in our culture and the same is so with all of the IUSHER web applications. Why should you have only one type of usher when you can put two together. This is the type if innovation behind Innovation Simple.

Entry Deployment

As a customer it is nice to be able to ask someone as soon as you enter if they have a certain product and where to find it. The entry usher was created with this inspiration that a customer to a website should be able to go to a website and have someone up front assisting them find things and telling them about specials and promotions. LEARN MORE

Exit Deployment

When a customer leaves a store every business owner would love to have the opportunity to ask them if they found everything they were looking for and to also offer a deal that a customer cannot refuse. On traditional websites as soon as a user closes a website they are gone forever. Websites with an exit usher can help a business owner increase sales, give any special promotion to help them buy, and allow to receive feedback from the customer on what they think of your website, products, and services. LEARN MORE