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Jan 27 2009

The Art of Attracting Natural Links

Post Category: Internet Marketing

When it comes to search engine optimization (seo) one of the most important things that a website owner or webmaster can focus on is attracting natural links from around the web.

What does this mean? It means that you want to have something that others around the web will want to link to on their own without you having to ask them to or paying them to. They are completely doing it out of love, that is why these links are often known as “Links of Love”.

The search engines especially Google highly favor these types of backlinks that point to another website. So how does a website owner or webmaster go about trying to attract natural links of love. You have to offer something that is different, unique, appealing, satisfying, and the list goes on.

You simply have to offer something that people think will be cool and something primarily that they will want to tell their friend about. There are many things that webmasters have done over the years to try and attract these natural links of love.

Here are a few examples of what has been used and is still being used. They write very good quality informational articles that are normally at least 1000 words. Running contests and drawings that people can enter is also heavily used. Having polls that people can put in their own opinion.

Going social is probably the most often used where webmasters create a user generated platform which allows the internet users to voice their own opinions and publish content online. Having a review on your site is always a good thing to have because people like to hear what others have to say and also search for review sites. Review sites often show up on the top of a lot of search engine queries.

Having a directory of some sort will always attract natural links as people always like things that help them find things. That is why Google is such a powerhouse, because they help people everyday.

One of the newest things that webmasters have used within the last two years is by adding a video spokesperson to a website. This is where you make a website come alive by having a person walk out on the website and speak giving the website a voice and more importantly personalizing the website.

This is one of the most important things that a webmaster or a website owner can do is make their website stand out from the crowd and personalize their message. Visual and audio will always be a better way to teach a message to anyone as it forces them to use their senses which we are programmed with to learn things that are new.

Humans for the most part are visual learners and by placing a virtual spokesperson on your website you will increase the amount of natural “Links of Love” that you receive. Using different means to attract traffic and links will always be the main goal and focus of any internet business owner.

The bottom line in attracting natural links is to think out of the box and offer things that no one else offers. This is by far the best thing to have because then everyone will want to tell someone else that they found something that they themselves have never seen before as well.

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