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Jan 30 2009

Get To The Point

Post Category: Internet Marketing

Every company needs great branding and a movie trailer in order for people to remember them for more than half a second. If you do business on the internet then you have even a shorter amount of time than brick and mortar businesses do to get their point across. In the internet world a business has 8 seconds or less to make their case.

I remember when I was younger and my younger brother and I would fight as all brothers do and there would be times when he would say “Get to the Point”! When someone tells you to Get to the Point you know you have to make it quick and fast or they do not want to listen to anything you have to say even if it is good.

This has stayed with me my entire life. One of the other things I’m sure you have heard people say is “Spit it out Junior”. Everyone has probably heard that when they were younger. What is the moral of these two stories. People want it NOW!

How are people reacting to your website? If only you could get a glimpse into what your customers are thinking. Would they be saying “Get to the Point” or “Spit it out Junior”. Everyone at one point in time has been in a boring class or meeting and you can’t wait to get out of there as fast as possible. The same is true about your website. Is your website BORING?

In public speaking they always teach you that the most important thing to do is to grab attention. The most effective way to do this is to get right to the point about what you are going to talk about and why they should listen. In order to increase online sales every business must have a movie trailer. You may be a little confused as to what I am saying here but I will explain.

Movie trailers are perfect at grabbing attention and invoking a persons emotions. The entire goal of a movie trailer is to create a short memorable performance that is designed to compel a call to action. The whole goal is to give people a sneak peek at what is so great about this movie that they just have to watch it. I’m sure you have been in a movie theater and seen the trailers and heard the surrounding people gasp in awe on some movie trailers and say that they have got to watch that movie.

If a movie trailer is boring then no one will want to see the movie. The same goes for a website. Creating your brand or should I say your swagger is the utmost important thing that a company can do and should be on the top of the list. Your brand is your swagger. It is more than just a logo or a slogan. It is the message and the feel that you give off to customers.

GET TO THE POINT when you are portraying your message and do it like a movie trailer does. All of the elements in a movie trailer must be of high quality and compel people to action or no one will want to see the movie. A video spokesperson will help any business get to the point in a very fast way as you can come out onto the screen and grab your customers attention and compel them to action.

So remember that the only thing that people want from you, your business, or your website is that you “Get to the Point”!

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