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Feb 03 2009

Overlay Messages

Post Category: Internet Marketing

Overlay Messages are becoming more popular on websites today as they are really effective at offering something to your users when they come to your website like promotions, sign-up for events, quick surveys, and more. Search Engine Land uses overlay messages to convey what they want to their customers on certain pages.

These overlay messages do not appear on every page of www.searchengineland.com but they do appear on certain pages that they want to especially if the message is congruent to what the page is about. This is the technology that is continually advancing as before these type of messages were in the actual code of the website making the message box move as the user moved the page up and down.

The best way to have these type of messages on a website is to overlay the code so that the actual message is on top so when a user moves the page up and down the actual message stays in place. This way it is in a constant spot and does not look like it has a glitch as you move the page.

Those that do move with the page are the old way of showing messages through banners and using a video spokesperson. It is very annoying to a user when they move the page up and down and they see banners that follow them up and down. These type of banners and messages will decrease conversions on a website because they are annoying. Some will argue that these type of banners are more effective because they are constantly in the face of the user as they scroll down the page.

Do not do this on your website ever. If you want to have a banner or some type of message that you want your users to see even when they scroll down a page then you want to use overlay messages. These type of overlay messages can also be set up to deploy on the entrance of a page or on the exit of a page.

IUSHER web applications are all set up to be overlay messages so they will stay in the same place on the website wherever you want the message to be placed on the screen like the bottom right or left, in the center, or at the top right or left. Even more critical is all IUSHER overlay messages are hosted on an independent server so they do increase the load time and performance of a website that it is being deployed on.

Internet marketers will continue to use these overlay messages on their websites for a long time. Up until now it has been mostly internet marketers and webmasters who have used overlay messages and virtual spokespersons to generate leads and increase sales. IUSHER has now made all of these overlay messages that marketers have used available to the average internet business owner.

If you are an internet business owner I would only recommend using overlay messages to most effectively grab attention and make your offer look more professional.

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