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Feb 12 2009

There is no Magic in Web Usability

Post Category: Internet Marketing

It is very common for people to want the one Secret thing that will catapult their website or the one thing that will make people want to stay more. There is no such thing as the one magic trick that if you perform it well will make users want to fall in love with your site right from the start.

In web usability there are several factors that go into making a website more user friendly and engaging. For example if you have a perfect looking actress as a video spokesperson on your website and your website has no real value or content behind the actress then you are defeating the purpose of keeping people on your site.

However on the flip side if you have the greatest content yet you do not portray it in an eye-catching way then you again are defeating the purpose. When it comes to web usability there is no magic, just hard work and common sense.

I have seen a ton of navigations on websites that are complicated and as I am going through them I am thinking did they leave their common sense at home or are they purposely trying to make this more difficult than it should be. The key to making a website usable is exactly what it sounds like, can someone actually use your website without needing some translation or codes.

This is where having a video spokesperson is so vital to a website. There are often many times when it is easier to say something than to just write it. I was on Taxact.com doing my taxes, I hate this time of year for just that reason, and out came a person who was talking me through the steps.

This is invaluable to web usability especially if you have a website where the information is naturally difficult to explain like taxes. So it is imperative to think about what type of information or product you have and try to dumb it down so that everyone no matter their intelligence can understand.

Again I say there is no “Magic”, just ideas to make a website easier to use for all types of people and intellects.

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