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Feb 03 2009

New Home Page Layout

Post Category: News

IUSHER has redesigned a new layout for the homepage of the website. The new layout is designed to help visitors understand the different products that are available to use on a website.

This new layout does not have the demo box and the several boxes at the bottom. We have placed all of the products into 4 different categories to make it more easy to understand. The four categories that we have placed them into is:

  • Video
  • Audio
  • Interactive
  • Graphical

These categories will help to know the basics of what the different USHERS look like and their purpose. While all of the USHERS are designed to increase the way a website owner interacts with their customers and visitors there are different ways to accomplish this.

The video spokesperson usher is where you can have either an actor/actress or yourself come out onto the screen and talk to your customers.

The audio usher is where you can have either an actor/actress or yourself record an audio clip where your customers can hear you welcoming them or whatever you would like for them to hear.

The interactive usher is completely designed to allow for interaction between your website and the user. These ushers are perfect to generate leads and offer surveys or polls.

The graphical usher is where you can have some type of graphic design for example a picture, logo, or coupon.

All of the ushers can be mixed together and fully customized. For example you can have a video usher with an interactive form. A video usher with graphical usher. And the list goes on.

We hope you enjoy the new layout and understand the power of using an USHER on your website to help you generate leads and increase online sales.

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