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Feb 25 2009

Using Video to Explain Your Products

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One of the common things that are going on right now online is the growing amount of videos that people are recording and putting on their websites. These short videos that people use are very effective and are very helpful to users as they can see you explain your products and services in great detail along with pictures or video.

Webmercials have also become very effective in where you can make a commercial that is about 30 seconds long and have it online just as you would have a commercial on T.V. Google Adwords has now made it possible for advertisers to make these webmercials to help increase customer attention and top of mind awareness of their products and services.

There are many individuals who create videos and then upload them to YouTube and then embed them on their websites. That is a start, the only problem with that is after your video is over it will then show other videos that are related and users can click on them which means that they will be leaving your website to go to YouTube.

That is not the ideal situation of spending all of your energy on getting them to your site and then offer to escort them out the back door so to speak. The best situation would be to record and encode your video and then upload it onto your website using FTP.

This will make it so the video that you record is on your website and will only show your video instead of showing other people’s videos after yours is finished. Plus this will make your website look more professional as most bloggers use YouTube to embed videos on their blogs.

When you are recording your video you will want to think about what is the main point of the video that you want to portray to the user and answer the what, who, why, where, and how questions that surround any product or service. Using video on your website will also increase the personalization of your website and users will trust you and/or your company as they can put a face and voice to your company.

You could also use a video spokesperson where you record yourself talking and then have yourself walking out onto your website so when people come to your website they will automatically see and hear you. This is invaluable to your users who are used to seeing a person’s face and listening to them. You want to make your website as personal as possible and interact with your users.

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